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We Provide Personalised Service & Undivided Attention When We Work With You
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Using design thinking principles we will delve into your product, your users as well as the competitive landscape to provide you with a comprehensive and contextual understanding of your product.
From here, we either let you use this research towards improving your product design or we use it as a first step to deep dive into improving the UI/UX design of your product.
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Our product design focuses on crafting product experiences that ensure ease of use, simplicity and delightful visuals at every point of interaction.
Killer landing pages, responsive website design, interactive application design, collaborative dashboards -  we do it all.
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We believe design thinking is an approach that can be applied to everyone involved in building a product. We provide collaborative hands-on UX training and workshop sessions to educate teams and organizations on how to apply design thinking in an end-to-end design process.
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We make sure that communication and design hand-off to the engineering team runs smoothly and we also integrate 'design-testing' in the production process to ensure all development is at par with the design.
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Solving problems starts with identifying them. We perform a thorough inspection of your product to analyze its performance and suggest ways in which your product can be improved to achieve business goals or measurable KPIs. design system and components
We help establish a collection of reusable yet dynamic elements to build an integrated and consistent user interface across your product, enabling a quick collaboration process across different product teams.
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We take branding a step further by integrating it within the product's UI/UX design as a cohesive system that helps communicate company values, positioning, tone of voice and connects multiple touch points within the company.
UX Strategy
We see UI/UX design as a strategic move that not only ensures that the product meets the needs of the end customers, but also help designers and company stakeholders work collaboratively towards a shared product vision. We focus on improving conversions and increasing customer engagement while providing seamless product experiences.

What Our Clients say

"It was our first time working with a professional UI/UX agency to develop the app and we were very impressed with the quality and the pace of their work. Flolab always kept its pace according to the timeline while delivering the best design based on our requests. The team understood the brief with no trouble and skillfully gave the best solution in every update. Aside from the top-notch quality of their work, Flolab also didn’t hesitate to adapt to our company's workflow, thus making our communication very seamless."
Michael Yahya
Director of Export Marketing and E-commerce
“Flolab has been a great companion to work with. They contribute to most of our projects and successfully meet our expectations even in such a limited time. Their taste of art, fast response and flexibility give them the advantage to client’s satisfaction and need during our collaboration”
Hery Johari
Assistant Deputy of Internal Communication Affairs
“Over two years, Flolab has been part of Pegadaian team and worked with us on everything from branding, research, and design. They are friendly, responsive, and work hard to deliver top quality work. Together, we’ve revamped our app and deliver delightful experience for our users.”
Komang Adelia Nala Ratih
Product Designer
“Building an UI/UX is about understanding, and Flolab did it very well for us. The team has been very helpful and professional and we are very happy with the deliverables. I would definitely recommend Flolab to my network”
Sahal Zain
Founder & CEO
“Flolab succeed to solve our UX design problem with their unique ideas, styles, and design solutions. They offer high quality services with great team involvement on our project. Their knowledge, credibility, and proven track record in this industry does not lie, it has brought significant results for our business.”
William Budihardjo
Co-Founder (Product & Operations)
“We have been working with Flolab for a couple of years now and I could not be more happy. The professional approach of the entire team comes from a deep understanding of their clients needs and years of experience”
Jakob Rost
Founder & CEO
“The team at Flolab helped us with the UX/UI design of our web and mobile platforms, which made it very easy for our users to invest in mutual funds using our platform.”
Ferry Aprilianto
Founder & CTO
"Flolab is responsive, professional, and took all our feedback. They were also able to deliver within timeline despite having to iterate a few times. I would highly recommend Flolab for any UX/UI project"
Hanifa Ambadar
Founder & CTO
"Flolab is very professional, always quick to respond to our requests, and are able to understand our feedbacks in depth. They’re great with their communication with us, their design work is amazing and really easy to understand. I surely recommend working with Flolab"
Medwin Susilo
Founder & CEO
"Flolab has been handling all our UI/UX needs for the last 6 months and they have been extremely responsive and diligent in all their work. I've been challenged to get the tech team to work faster and come up with new projects since they have been delivering designs so fast. The impact of UI/UX improvements has been noticeable in our performance metrics."
Pedro Principe
Founder & CEO
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