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We are a collective of experienced individuals who listen to our passion as much as to our clients.
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Core Values

Inclusivity and Freedom

Our team consists of members from different backgrounds, habits and work style. Even in the extremes! We will accept the next talent with open arms.

Collective Growth

We are a community who can take responsibility in helping each other to become better designers, researchers or people in general.

Enthusiasm and Grit

Passion and perseverance is the key component of our team. No task is too big, we will force ourselves to grow outside our comfort zones and achieve the impossible.

Empower Tenacity

Groundbreaking innovations and ideas are common in Flolab. We embrace inputs from each other to achieve team goals and create impact.

Life in Balance

As much as we strive for excellence in all aspects at our crafts, we also promote wellness outside work with company outings, team talks and recreations.

Be Part of  Our Team

UX & UI Designer

We are looking for an individual who loves what they do, has opinions, works well in a team, and get excited about users and design. Ideally, someone who has a solid understanding of design thinking and design practices, someone who are able to define the problem, find the solution and translate it into beautiful, functional product. If it sounds like you, let us know!

UX Researcher

We are looking for an individual who understand about qualitative research methods and design thinking process. Someone who loves to dive into flows, wireframes, and experiences in digital products with a strong user experience skills.If it sounds like you, let us know!


We are  in a search for someone who wants to learn more about user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design. If you are excited about digital products  and want to know more about the industry, join us in an internship program.