Flolab team explaining UX in front of KPK employees

UX Workshop
for KPK

Corruption Eradication Commission of Indonesia

We had the opportunity to conduct a UX workshop for Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi (KPK) [Corruption Eradication Commission of the Republic of Indonesia]. We trained the participants using an intensive collaborative session as a way to solve the user’s problems with the design thinking process.

We had participants from varied departments like Media, Edgineering, Marketing join us to learn about the fundamentals of User Interface and User Experience Design. These participants wanted to learn how they could solve challenges using hands-on design methodologies.

UX Workshop for KPK

UX Fundamentals
Design Thinking
Human Centered Design
Execution Time
20-21 July 2020 - Offline Workshop
15-16 November 2020 - Online Workshop
Workshop Activities
Ui Design
Usability Analysis
Ui Design
User Journey Map
Ui Design
Information Architecture
Ui Design
Wireframe Sketching
KPK UX Workshop 1, 20-21 July 2020
Understanding User Experience Design

In our first workshop, our goal was to build a thorough understanding amongst the participants about what user experience design is and what the design thinking process includes. This workshop also demonstrated how each step of the design thinking process can be applied to solve a problem that user faces keeping the KPK website in context for all lessons and workshop assignments.

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Learning by Doing

We  made sure every lesson that we taught contributed to a practical output. Building design thinking skills requires practice, so each topic we covered was followed by a hands-on design practice and real life examples of the learnings implemented on other apps/websites. This helped participants understand the lesson better and the practical use of it.

Introduction to UX Design and Human Centered Design Principles

We began with introducing what UX is and explained 6 principles of Human Centered Design

Real Life Examples

Each design principle is followed up by examples of how the design principle shows up in our day-to-day life, demonstrating good or bad user experience.

Design Thinking Process

Using the double diamond design process, we illustrate how design is iterative at every stage and emphasize on how we need to have a deep understanding of the users and the problems they face, before developing ideas and solutions.

Hands On Practice

Participants simulated the design thinking process by interviewing users, creating a user journey map, ideating multiple solutions, and translating them into simple sketches for their own product.

KPK UX Workshop 2, 15-16 November 2020
Applying Design Thinking

Our second workshop included participants that were more experienced employees from KPK. This workshop focused more into the practical applications of the design thinking process and applying the knowledge gained into a more technical aspect of designing the user experience.

Begin with Empathy

We began the workshop by introducing how we can analyze the usability of a website using heuristic evaluation principles. Participants were divided into several groups to perform a heuristic evlauation of their own product. Participants were asked to identify what features they could improve based on their own evaluation.

Improving Usability

Participants then proceeded to learn how to work on the design solutions for the problems they had identified through a live demo of how to work on creating an information architecture for their website and wireframing design solutions. This was followed by the particpants getting some hands-on practice of creating the IA and low fidelity wireframes for their design solutions.

What Our Participants say

“Workshop memberikan panduan melakukan riset UI/UX yang lebih terarah dan applicable”

Dian Baay

Anti-Corruption Learning Center

“Penugasan dan feedback yang sangat relevan dengan tema pelatihan. Pemberian contoh desain yang bagus, dan fasilitator menjawab pertanyaan sangat baik”

Soraya Sri Anggarawati

Pendidikan dan Pelayanan Masyarakat • KPK

“Saya suka ada assignment nya yang membuat peserta langsung belajar menggunakan tools yang baru seperti miro dan invision”

Elizabeth Medina Saraswati

Penelitian dan Pengembangan • KPK

A person from Flolab team talking with a mic conducting UX workshop at KPK

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