July 11, 2018

8 Reasons Why Our Clients Love Partnering With Us

We wouldn’t have been able to get this far without our clients and our wonderful design team! We’re super proud to have partnered with startups like Ayopop, TroveSkin, CekAja, Mojoreads, and TanamDuit over the last year, that trust us to design products dear to them and are in the hands of millions of users.

Here are some reasons why the collaboration with our clients has been going great so far:

1. We’re in it for the long run

Like most other agencies, we don’t take up projects. We focus on partnerships with our clients. We’ve been working with some of our clients since the time the company was established and we’re focused on building and maintaining these kinds of relationships for the long run. We enjoy being a part of their journey, watch them grow, learn more about their users over time and grow along with them.

2. There’s an all-rounded team of designers working with our clients

Our team consists of designers who are highly skilled at what they do, each with their own strengths. Every designer in our team is either an excellent UI designer, Illustrator, Interaction Designer, or Information Architect. Each of them plays a major role in different phases of the design process or in different parts of the product. When our clients hire us, they’re hiring a well-rounded team of designers to work on their product.

3. We’re always available

Well, not literally — but we’re prompt with our responses! If our client needs something to be taken up urgently, we will make room for it. If there’s a question from the development team, we’re quick with handing out solutions. A lot of times, after the designs have entered the development phase, there are some assets missing, or a screen that wasn’t a part of the original flow, but had to be added in the last minute — we’re quick to send across all of the missing pieces pretty much instantly. We make sure that minimal development time is wasted in coordination or waiting for designs to reach them.

4. We work closely with their tech teams

We’re a design-only team, so we’re always coordinating with our clients’ development teams. Engineers are our best friends! We strive hard to make the process from design to development as smooth as possible. We provide the tech team, with very detailed flows of every button click, we coordinate with them on a daily basis to make sure they have all they need; from colors to copy. We write user stories to make sure all scenarios have been covered before the feature is taken up in development. More often than not, we’re also involved in sprint planning sessions, deciding on what gets worked on in the next sprint.

5. We work even more closely with the founders

Working with founders is our favorite part, this is where the fun stuff happens — in a war room! Brainstorming, improvements, prioritization, product roadmaps are all a part of some really complex and challenging discussions with founders. We have experience working with founders who are extremely detail-oriented to ones who are very high-level and big on the company’s vision. It’s our job to translate these ideas as well as specifications into products that make sense for our users.

6. We tirelessly work on iterations

We’ll be at it, till the time our clients are completely satisfied. Whether it takes 2 iterations or 200; we’re prepared for it. Many a time we come across clients who know what they want but aren’t very good at describing it. Some of them go as far as creating a quick mockup of the feature on powerpoint themselves, while some struggle with finding words to describe what they’re looking for. In such cases, we can get our designs right in one shot, or it may take a couple of weeks to get a single screen right. At such times, we’re happy to explore and go back to a blank canvas again and again, until it’s just right.

7. We‘re not just about the pixels

As you must’ve realized, we work on the end-to-end design process. We are here to ship products. Nothing brings us more joy than seeing our designs in the hands of our users and learning from our own mistakes.

8. We know how to say “No”

We know what we are good at, and we know what we’d rather avoid. That’s why we are very selective about what we work on. We focus on User Experience and Product Design and decline work that distracts us from our core focus area. We don’t take up redesigns of landing pages, logos, brochures, WordPress websites, banners, illustrations, videos, or animations. We’re focused on the end-to-end User Experience and we love working with startups or companies that are building digital products.


The last two years at Flolab have been a mix of highs and lows in many different ways, but at the end of it all, I sincerely thank our clients for collaborating with us all this while. A big thank you also to our fantastic design team for doing such a great job on all the products!

Big thank you to our clients, for trusting us with their products!
Team Flolab


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