Digital Pawnshop and Financial Service

Pegadaian is a 100+ year old Goverment State Owned Enterpriese (BUMN), a leader in pawnbroking in Indonesia, where items such as jewellery, motor vehicles or electronics are pawned.

 The team at Pegadaian approached us to help support their internal design team in their efforts towards Digital Transformation. We have been in partnership with Pegadaian since 2019 to work on ther mobile app -- Pegadaian Digital, where we’ve been working towards their vision to become the The Most Valuable Finance Company in Indonesia.


Desktop Website
Mobile (Responsive)
Mobile Application
November 2019 -  Now
Scope of Work
Ui Design
Design System
Ui Design
Product Design
Ui Design
UX Copy & Illustrations
Ui Design
Micro Interactions
The Brief

To create a more modern and usable interface for Pegadaian Digital. Reskin the app interface in order to improve the app’s usability with minimal effort spent on major backend technology restructuring.

Here are some of the steps we took in order to tackle this brief as a whole:

Start with Empathy

We believe that any design improvement starts with understanding the user. We began with getting into the user’s shoes by creating a user persona and a customer journey map. This process also helped us dig deeper into Pegadaian’s core value offering.

Design Audit and Heuristic Evaluation

We ran a design audit for new and existing user flows in order to see how we can improve the usability with minimal backend effort. We also conducted a heuristic evaluation to identify major usability flaws and fix these flaws across Pegadaian’s digital platform

Styleguide and Design Library

While we began to define the new look and feel for Pegadaian Digital, we established a comprehensive design styleguide, a component library and a set of illustrations in order to maintain a consistent UI and visual design style across the product.

Future Proofing the Product

In order to keep up with the other competitors, we conducted competitive studies to provide insights and guidance for the Pegadaian team to ideate and develop new features.

User Persona & Customer Journey
Building Empathy with Users to Design a Better Experience

Existing and potential users of Pegadaian are looking for ways to receive cash with collaterals in the quickest way possible. The biggest frustrations with the process include lengthy application processes in order to receive the cash and finding a reliable and trustworthy platform to do it online.

Design Audit and Heuristic Evaluation
Reliability & Turstworthiness comes from a platform that Prioritizes its users

Designing for Usability is at the core of making any product user friendly. And an in-depth UX Audit helps us discover all the opportunities for product and experience improvement. Implementing simple solutions for key issues identified during the audit process, would take the app from 0 to 10 in terms of user friendliness.

What is a design audit?
UI Reskin
Out with the Old, In with the New

With digital transformation residing at the center of Pegadaian’s all new efforts for digital products, the app had to visually transform itself too. We updated the outdated design of Pegadaian’s app to adopt a completely modern and fresh look while still maintaining Pegadaian’s very strong brand identity. Multiple design iterations led us to the new user interface for the mobile app. We also simultaneously built a Design System in order to maintain consistency across all products and help this new interface scale easily within Pegadaian’s design and development team.

Design that Scales

To maintain a consistent visual design style across all platforms and for easier collaboration across internal teams at Pegadaian, we established a design system that can scale as the number of products or platforms keep growing within the Pegadaian ecosystem.

We worked on custom illustrations that help support information across the product and make it easy for the user to understand with context.

Competitive Study
Understanding Pegadaian’s Strengths and Weaknesses

A comparison study between multiple features across many different competitiors helped us understand how Pegadaian can stand out amongst its competitors with its core strengths.

Flow Analysis

We ran a simple audit across many different competitor products and analyzed each one’s userflow to find potential pain points and identify elements that bring delight, learning about how the experience could be enhanced on Pegadaian.

Dos and Don’ts

After a thorough analysis and detailed comparison, we concluded with a series of best practices that make Pegadaian’s features easy to use and emphasize on the value that Pegadaian brings forward to its users.

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