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GreatNusa’s vision is to create Indonesian leaders of the future. We helped them realize this vision by designing an online learning portal that provides easy access to learning materials from anywhere, at anytime – available in the form of free or paid courses.

However, the platform received some criticism from its users that it was a bit of a struggle for them to navigate around the website and discover courses. Besides that, users also found it hard to find learning materials and tutor information. We joined hands with GreatNusa in order to improve the platform’s overall user experience.
Desktop Website
Mobile (Responsive) Website
February 2022 -  June 2022
Scope of Work
Ui Design
UX Research
Ui Design
Design System
Ui Design
Product Design
Empathizing and journey mapping
Understanding the user’s journey to search and discover their desired courses
To validate the current problem areas, dig deeper into user behavior, find more valuable insights around user’s pain points and discover possible opportunities to build solutions; we conducted in-depth User Testing.

We found out that what’s really important for the user is to have a learning platform that is personalized for the user; meaning users can easily find courses that they are interested in, either to build upon their exisiting knowledge base or pick up on new skillsets that are best suited for them. However, the current platform was unable to meet these needs as the users get recommended courses only based on popularity and  recency.
usability testingusability testingusability testingusability testing
journey map
What we discovered
The pains of ineffective wayfinding, information overload and an exhaustive registration process
Ineffective search and discoverability
Users found it difficult to find a specific course that suits their interests. They spent more time than necessary searching for the course and scanning the results in order to find what was right for them.
Cumbersome registration process
The registration process felt exhaustive as the users were of the opinion that the form contained  multiple irrelevant input fields that could be done without in order to make the process quicker and shorter.
Lack of personalization
Most times users came in to the platform already knowing what they want to or interested in learning. They hoped that the platform could recommend courses that match their interests.
Too Many Options
The course details itself had quite a lot of pain points such as too many menus, a hard to navigate Quiz, copywriting not simple enough to understand and many more.
Solutioning with a more robust information architecture
Building a breezy registration as well as personalized experience.
Restructuring the website’s information is important to define priority and hierarchy of information, while also keeping a balance between user and business needs. The key structures that we needed to build were:
Restructure information on the landing page so that the user understands what GreatNusa offers and is able to find suitable courses.
An efficient registration process while understanding users’ interests.
Organize and prioritize information displayed on Course details such as course topic information, tutor, and duration.
Breathing a new life into the platform with improved discoverability, and a more personalized experience.
The primary goals were to relook at the visuals with a fresh new perspective, improve the easthetics of the platform, improve discoverability, and implement the personalized experience  on the GreatNusa web platform
greatnusa ui course
Two platforms merged into one
The other challenge was that the primary website and the LMS (Learning Management System) for accessing courses were two separate platforms. Where the LMS platform had its own limitations when it came to design customization. Our job was to design a seamless experience when the user transitions from the main website to the LMS so they don’t feel that they’re navigating between two separate websites.
Main Page
main page
Designing for scalability with a Design System
Prioritizing consistency and scalability for a seamless experience between the Learning Management System and the web platform.
Primary Color Pallete
Dark Green
Light Green
Light Green - Background
Linear Gradient 360º#EEF7F2 74%, #EEF7F2 0%
Secondary Color Pallete
Light Purple
Dark Purple
Dark Blue
greatnusa illustrationgreatnusa illustrationgreatnusa illustration
greatnusa illustrationgreatnusa illustrationgreatnusa illustrationgreatnusa illustration
Badge Design
greatnusa badgegreatnusa badgegreatnusa badge
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