Utility Bill Payment Platform

Working closely with Ayopop as their design partners since their inception in 2016, we realised that Ayopop is a tech company that prioritizes their users and is driven to build a product that focuses on building what the users want. We collaborated with the team to create a delightful Android and iOS application that makes it easy for first time users of smart phones to top up their phone credits and pay their utility bills.

We’ve been working on the continuing to add new verticals in the mobile app, timely design updates as well as new features using an agile sprint based model, working very closely with their in-house engineering team.


Desktop Website
Mobile (Responsive) Website
2018 — Present
Scope of Work
Ui Design
UI Design
Ui Design
Ui Design
UX Design
Application Redesign
Designing Ayopop to Increase Its Conversion Rate

As Ayopop had been growing its services rapidly, the product became more complex over time. We teamed up with Ayopop team to redefine the entire experience in order to maintain the product’s simplicity and ease of use. In addition we strategized the experience of a new vs. an existing user to increase the conversion ratio for new users.

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Small Features, Big Impact

We believe, design is not just about functionality. While it is a must for every design to be functional, creating a delightful and seamless experience is the key to a successful product and business. We wanted our design to have both -- easy functionality as well as an influence over the users’ emotions. While some of these features might seem really small, they added a new meaning, a personality and delight for a returning user of the platform.

Customizable Brand Logo
Adding Personality to the Brand

Delightful customizations for Ayopop made the brand feel more human and relatable for the user at every occasion.

Micro Interactions
Elements of Delight

Micro interactions have a way of enhancing a user's experience by indirectly encouraging them to complete a task or repeat it multiple times because of the added element of delight. We used this technique on multiple occassions throughout the platform’s experience.

Miscall OTP
Business Solutions Through Design

Miss call OTP is a verification mechanism applied by Ayopop to decrease the cost of an SMS OTP that’s typically used for verifying a user’s phone number during the log in and sign up process.

In order to educate the user about this significant change, we provided an illustrated onboarding that showed what a miss call OTP would look like. We helped build the user's anticipation to pay close attention to the last 6 digits from the miss call number that will be used as the OTP.

Encouraging Frequent Users with Rewards
Nurturing Habits Through Experience

We wanted to create a frictionless experience as we nurture the habit for recurring users to use Ayopop for any bill payment. We added features to easily save their favorite phone and account numbers, we added monthly spending insights and a way for them to download bulk / monthly invoices

Ayopop also provided AyoUntung -- a subcription program which allowed users to benefit with lower product prices and additional cashbacks on every transaction. This feature was specially built for users who would use the product frequently to pay bills for themselves as well as others in their network (agent network).

Ayoconnect Rebranding
Growing Together as Design Partners

As Ayopop continued to grow as a business, the company established a new B2B product called Ayoconnect. While operating under the same hood, Ayoconnect has a different target market and user base. Having an in-depth familiarity with the product, the service offering and them team, we had the opportunity to work on establishing the Ayoconnect brand and product as well.

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