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TROVESKIN: Your Skincare Guide



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TroveSkin helps users analyse their skin issues like pores, texture, pigmentation, spots and fine lines. It detects these skin issues from a selfie and suggests product recommendations based on the user’s skin type.

UX Strategy, Product Design, Mobile, UI Design, Interaction Design

Our brief was to make the user’s experience on the app more engaging, going beyond just detecting skin issues and sharing a result. We worked on features that would engage the users on a regular basis and bring them back to the app.
We worked on features like the “Daily skin log” where users can be brought into the app more regularly to keep a log of how their skin feels and looks day to day. Which can later be used to compare the skin and evaluate what caused changes in the user’s skin.
Because the major target users of the app was mostly Indonesian women, we decided to have the visual aesthetic of the app preppy, chic and playful.
Troveskin Face Scanning.gif