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MOJOREADS: Social Reading Platform


mojoreads: social reading platform

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Mojoreads is a social reading platform incorporating a huge collection of e-books, social networking and in-built reader and an e-commerce platform. A treasure for those who look for depth in literature. Flolab is log.os' design partner, working closely with the team to deliver a simple and clutter free experience on various platforms: desktop, iOS and android. 

Product Design, Information Architecture, Mobile, Web, UI Design, Interaction Design, Illustrations

We had all the freedom to explore the UI of the app and make the experience fresh and innovative. Our brief was to include UI elements throughout the app that would make interacting with the app a delightful experience.

We explored many different interaction patterns for some of the most important elements of the app, before we even started mocking up the visual look of the app. Getting the “feel” right was a priority.
One of the goals was to make the reading experience more engaging for a user who loves discussing books while reading them. This was a challenge since most times we would assume reading should be distraction-free — which is something we had to also keep in mind when designing the reader; an easy way to toggle on an off a distraction-free mode.
Micro interactions play an important role in the design of mobile apps today. We created mojoreads’ own version of a “like” called “wow” and tried to bring a little bit of delight to it. The idea for “wow” came from the founders themselves and we brought it to life with this magic-potion bottle which represents “mojo” or “magic”.