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About Flolab

We are a small group of design experts passionate about creating digital experiences. We come with a background in design and over 6 years of professional experience in the fields of user experience and interaction design

Ritika Bhagya  Founder and UX Director

Ritika Bhagya
Founder and UX Director

Flolab was started in July 2016 as a UX Design Studio by Ritika Bhagya; an MFA in Design & Technology from Parsons, New York. Over the last couple of years Ritika has worked with 15+ startups providing expertise in User Experience and Interaction Design.

We are a close team of passionate designers, based out of Jakarta, Indonesia. We're dedicated towards building products that are delightful, beautiful and most of all, easy to use. We believe in keeping it simple, and are focused on quality over quantity




Design Partners
Unlike other agencies, we don't just deliver visual designs as the final deliverables; we think through your product holistically and work as your design partners, collaborating closely with your product, engineering & marketing teams.

Work Ethics
Always prompt with responses for anything that requires our urgent attention or any new requirements that come up from the team.

Personal Attention
We spend time on having close and personal interactions with stakeholders and their teams. With frequent on-site visits to understand the product and design feedback in depth as well as to brainstorm and discuss the product roadmap.

Streamlined Design Workflow
We will not only help you design your product, but also keep the team focused on the end user's needs and achieving user goals in time.



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